Saturday, April 21, 2012

My So Called (online) Life

It's getting longer and longer between posts.  Seems Facebook, Twitter, blog reading and Etsy  have taken over my online life.  My Small Work sales blog has been neglected in favour of posting on Etsy. I haven't sent out a newsletter for a month and I'm thinking Tumblr is getting short shrift.  I believe I have to hone it down a bit.  I want to spend more time submitting to galleries. As soon as I know how much work sold at the U8 (I know at least one piece did, last I heard from the curator  a couple of others were awaiting decisions by interested parties) I will start submitting again.  For the moment I'm looking at the Art Rental and Sales Dept. of the Vancouver Art Gallery again this year as last spring they strongly encouraged me to re-submit, the Herringer Kiss Gallery in Calgary, a postcard for Carfac (Canadian Artists' Representation/le Front des artistes canadiens) fundraiser, which gives 50% of sales to the artist (go Carfac).  It's a small thing but Carfac does big things for artists here in Canada so help them out I say.

And, the summer painting outside time is here again.  I posted about my first trip and resulting painting to Facebook. So subscribe to or friend  me there or follow me on Twitter to get more details on this and other breaking news.

This is the latest post to Etsy and you can see the painting for which it is a study here on my website.

Study for Grass and Seed Heads Against the Sky

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